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Saptraag Vaijanti Mala - Saptraag

Saptraag Vaijanti Mala

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The seed of Vaijayanti mala originates from the forest of Braj. It is believed that Braj forest is a divine Holy place where the God and Goddess make eternal love. According to the ancient legends, the mala made of Vaijayanti flower seeds was gifted to Radha by Lord Krishna. Similarly, Lord Ram (an avatar of Vishnu) made the garland of Vaijayanti flower seeds for Sita Mata.

The epic of Mahabharata also mentions that the garland of victory was made of never-wilting lotus flowers. However, in present scenario many people mistake other flowers including the canna lily to be the original Vaijayanti flower. The authentic Vaijayanti plant is difficult to identify as it appears like long grass and thus, one cannot identify or differentiate it with the normal grass until it starts flowering or seeds start growing in it.

The Vaijayanti mala that Lord Vishnu adorns is believed to open the doors of Vaikuntha (abode of Lord Vishnu). The Vaijayanthi flower is considered as a living entity and is associated with feminine Supreme powers. It is believed that Shakti resides in the seeds of this flower and with the feminine powers that the Supreme Goddess possesses, She controls the entire humanity. Her name, Vaijayanthi, means “triumphant victory.”

The garland made of the seeds of Vaijayanti flowers are believed to be divine and hold a great importance while performing the Lord Vishnu Puja or homam or while worshipping Lord Krishna. These mystical seeds are used to make deity garlands which are offered to the prime deities in Hinduism namely Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna. The garland made of Vaijayanti seeds are also used for chanting mantras and are strung with 108+1 beads.

Chanting the Vishnu mantra ‘Om Namoh Bhagavate Vasudevaya’ every day on this divine rosary is said to appease Maa Shakti, Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna as the Vaijayanti mala is believed to possess the feminine powers which along with the blessings of Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna bring victory and success in every walk of life and the worshipper is also blessed with Devi Siddhi.

Praying over this mala also balances all the doshas of the devotee. This powerful mala is also said to bless the devotee by blessing him/her with an attractive and charismatic personality. This mala also serves as a talisman and protects an individual against evil eyes and negative energies. It is also believed that the one who possesses the Vaijayanti mala never loses anything. This pious mala is widely used to do japa and to meditate over Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna and Lord Rama. The garlands made of Vaijayanti are available in white seeds and black seeds.