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Saptraag Tulsi Leaves Powder - Saptraag

Saptraag Tulsi Leaves Powder

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Tulsi Powder is the most effective medicine in powder form for relieving cough, cold, flu, asthma, bronchitis and any types of respiratory disorders. This wonderful medicine is not only beneficial in these disorders but also beneficial in many other diseases. This medicine is good for health and safe for use.


The herbs used in the preparation of Tulsi powder has soothing effect on body. This medicine is used in relieving various disorders mentioned below:

  • This powder is beneficial in relieving cough, cold, flu, chest congestion, fever, headache, sore throat etc.
  • This powder is beneficial in treating respiratory ailments like asthma, chronic bronchitis etc.
  • This powder has anti-diabetic activity as it can reduce abnormal lipid profiles and reduces blood glucose level in the body.
  • This medicinal powder is beneficial in skin problems caused due to bacteria and infections.
  • This herbal powder is also beneficial in skin cancers as they increase antioxidant activities, induces the growth of cancer cells. This powder purifies blood.
  • Tulsi powder has amazing ability to regulate cortisol levels balance hormones naturally.
  • The powder of this herb has antibiotic, disinfectant agents, germicidal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral effects in it which helps in fighting against fever.
  • This herbal powder has good source of vitamin K in it which is beneficial for digestive health, brain function and bone density.
  • Tulsi powder has anti-congestive property which helps in relieving migraine pain and reduces tension due to sinus issues.
  • This powder helps to prevent eye issues like vision defects, eye issues, glaucoma, macular degeneration, blurred vision etc.
  • This powder contains vitamin-C and antioxidants like eugenol which reduces cholesterol levels in blood.