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Saptraag Organic Rose Petal Powder - Saptraag

Saptraag Organic Rose Petal Powder

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Key Features

  • A completely 100% organic product.
  • Made of purely natural ingredient; Organic rose petals.
  • Made from the goodness of fresh crops thus widely trusted.
  • Pesticide-free and chemical-free, even no other additives.
  • Helps prepare refreshing drinks and delicious herbal tea.
  • 100% Bio in nature.
  • Used for facial and skincare purposes.

his product from Saptraag is another unique solution for all the skin and face. Due to its multipurpose effects and its natural & only ingredient are rose petals, it is considered to be a remarkable solution for facial glow and skin nourishment. This Organic Rose petal powder is a natural face cleanser refreshes the skin and soothes all dryness and kicks out the dead skin cells. This rose petal dried powder can blend with milk, rose water or normal water, fetches the impactful glowing texture with even skin tone.

When it comes to skincare, Saptraag Organic Rose Petal Powder is the multi-tasking product that heals; combats skin-related issues and introduce much more skin woes. This Organic rose powder can be used in a daily bath, skincare routine, facial cleansing mask, tan removal, acne soother, diminishes wrinkles, fine lines and overall glow fetching to the body skin and face. Rose petal powder is commonly used in blushes and compacts, you can also prepare your self-made blushes and compacts that would be chemical-free and encourages natural skin tone as well.

Saptraag Organic Rose petal Powder can wonders for:

  • Promotes skin smoothness effectively.
  • Is considered to be a natural sunscreen due to its Vitamin C properties that act as a powerful shield against harmful UV rays.
  • Its soothing fragrance acts as a cooling agent and provides moisture to the skin.
  • It has the power to remove accumulated germs and dirt from the face and keep it radiant, young and supple.
  • Detoxifies skin with its anti-oxidant nature and soothes irritation.
  • Its astringent nature prevents excessive oil as well as sebum production.