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Saptraag Organic Reetha Powder - Saptraag

Saptraag Organic Reetha Powder

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  • Absolutely 100% Organic and Pure Reetha Powder.
  • Triple Sifted micro fined Powder trusted for its nutritional value.
  • Fresh Crop with no added chemicals.
  • Complete Hair Care.
  • Removes Dirt & Excess Oil from the Hair & Scalp.
  • Soft, Smooth & Shiny Hair due to its Vitamin A, B, E and K Properties.
  • Highly Capable of removing dandruff & itching
  • Effective for removing dryness of the Scalp & adding a Moisturizing Effect.
  • Best for making homemade or DIY mask/serums.

Saptraag Organic Reetha Powder is an Organic and natural product that gives all sorts of hair care required to your delicate strands. Reetha is the perfect friend for hair since ages and thus this product is a perfect solution to get great, glossy and lengthy hair naturally. Natural and pure reetha powder is known to be a good treatment for damaged hair. Also this pure Reetha powder of Saptraag smoothens the hair, saying good bye to the dandruff and dryness fetching young and happy hair.

Since reetha is a very mild ingredient with naturally low pH, it is being used most to prepare hair oils/serums, Shampoos giving hair a better shine and texture after each wash. After using reetha, the hair becomes very manageable as it gets completely free from frizziness and split ends

100% Organic, Pure Natural Reetha Powder, removes dirt and excess oil from the hair and the scalp. Its moisturizing properties also help in the deep nourishing the scalp. Natural Reetha Powder considered being most effective for removing dryness of the scalp and adding a moisturizing effect. It is a trusted natural product for complete hair conditioning and cleansing making hairs soft, shining and smooth due to its properties of Vitamin A, B, E and K. Reetha reduces dandruff and white flakes because of its powerful hair cleansing properties. Reetha has ideal cleansing properties that impact on hair too, as it moisturizes dry hair and makes it amazingly soft and supple.

This powder is a great natural cleanser. It is free of all Sulfate, parabens and other additives. Reetha is a mild ingredient, having naturally low pH and will not let the natural moisture of your hair to strip. Usually, no conditioner is needed after reetha, as reetha is a natural softener that detangles hair.