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Saptraag Kamal Gutta / Lotus Seeds - Saptraag

Saptraag 1 kg Kamal Gutta / Lotus Seeds

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Kamal Gatta symbolizes Goddess Lakshmi. It is also known as driend lotus bead mala because it is made of lotus seeds. A person desirous of much wealth should perform Jaap of Goddess Lakshmi with a rosary of Kamal Gatta of 108 beads. It is said that it renders plenty of wealth to the person and if it performed on Akshaya Tritiya with a Kamal Gatta rosary.Kamal gatta mala is also known as dried lotus bead mala.

Lakshmi is also called Kamalvaasini - i.e. one who sits on a lotus. This is why for the Sadhana and Mantra chanting of Lakshmi we use a special rosary made of seeds of lotus which is called Kamalgatta mala. Among numerous benefits of mala, also lie success, luxury, abundance and prosperity.

This mala associated with goddess Maha Lakshmi. It is more powerful mala. This kind of mala is paired with other mala to enhance its power. It gives you shield cover those protect you all negative energy and evil eyes. If your life has become difficult, then you must wear it. It removes all kind of difficulties from your life. It is essential to mention that the must not be fake. It made by the pure real mala.