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Saptraag Sanjeevani Churan - Immunity Booster - Saptraag

Saptraag Fit Powder - For Asthama, Cold and Cough

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According to Ayurveda, Rasayanas are the powerful, Ayurvedic herbs for immunity building, which strengthen, nourish and repair all the Dhatus of the body – the fundamental constituents involved in the healthy functioning and upkeep of the body. These Rasayanas can be applied to your skin, and taken through your diet, to improve immunity.

Ayurveda suggests that strong immunity is the outcome of healthy digestion or a strong Agni, the digestive or metabolic fire. Cooking your foods with immunity enhancing herbs and spices is an important way to enhance your Agni.

Saptraag Fit Powder is one of such formulations which is prepared with some rare herbs that can be used to boost immunity for all age groups.

How to use our Fit Powder

Take one tea spoon (Provided in box) of Saptraag Sanjeevani Churan with lukewarm water after dinner.

Ingredients - Fit Powder

  • Chhoti Elaichi 100 mg
    Apamarg 60 mg
    Gul Banafsha 50 mg
    Nausadar 20 mg
    Mishri 110 mg
    Vassa 100 mg
    Tulsi 100 mg
    Yashtimadhu 100 mg
    Kantkari 100 mg
    Shunthi 100 mg
    Pipali 30 mg
    Kali Mirch 30 mg
    Talispatra 100 mg

FSSAI Approved

Safe for all age groups.