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Saptraag 5 Inch Ganesh Shankh - Saptraag

Saptraag 5 Inch Ganesh Shankh

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Green Spiritual’s Ganesh Shankh is one of the most sacred Conches. Ganesh Shankh represents the blessings of Deity Ganpati. It blesses the worshiper by eradicating obstacles, bringing luck, prosperity and success in family. Ganesh Shankh is a very fortunate and sacred religious article helps to protect us from evil effects. Lord Ganpati or Ganesha is revered as the son of God Shiva and Maa Parvathi. According to Traditional worship rituals, Lord Ganesha is the first Lord to be worshipped. He is worshipped for absolute achievement in undertakings, gaining knowledge, getting fortune and intelligence. Ganesh Shankh Benefits Ganesha Shankh is a very rare and fortunate Shankh. This sacred Shankha defend us from evil effects, negative effects and bestows us great luck, wealth & prosperity. It is said that this type of Shankha induces the strength of mind, augments self-confidence and helps in attaining fame, joy and good health. The worshipper of this sacred Shankh is blessed with dignity, learning, creativity and foresight. For good luck and wealth, Ganesha Shankha should be kept in the worship area or in the Pooja room during Hindu festivals. Place Ganesha Shankh in the locker of the room so that there comes no scarcity of money. However, position of Ganesh Shankh or Conch is much beyond other conches and it has top status for getting the blessings of Lord Ganpati. Lord Ganpati a Vedic God removes all types of obstacles and enhances intelligence and wisdom. This conch stimulates capability for studies & education. This Shankh can be used for the below purposes: Keep near entrance to usher in positive vibes. In locker and safes for attracting abundance. In Centre of home for Vastu correction and for attracting stability and new opportunities In North West Corner for desire fulfilment.

Ganesh conch strengthens the person's personality and Dimak. There is happiness, happiness, good health and self-esteem. Ganesh conch is also considered a representative of Lord Ganesha. The utility of Ganesh conch is mainly in worship. Its seekers are truthful and find long life. His children also stay away from diseases from birth and are also patient in extreme circumstances. Ganesh conch is also helpful in the field of business.

Ganesh Shankh affects business and travel abroad with the view of Feng Shui. This conch is one of eight marks found in the Buddha's foot. Keep a Ganesh conch from 6 to 8 inches and place it in any corner of the house or office. If your work or fame has started to grow, then keep it in the southern part of the house. If your leaning towards teaching, then keep it in the northeast corner. People keep Ganesh Shankh in their puja or locker and take it out on a special occasion only.
Ganesh conch is considered a symbol of Lord Ganesha. This is a rare conch shell. In this shape, this conch is seen as a Shand of Shree Ganesha. It is a bright white and yellow aura. It is 3 to 4 inches in length. Looking at this conch, it seems as if Lord Ganesha is doing the darshan. This conch is found only by fortune-tellers. Ganesh Shankh, Lord Ganesha removes all the difficulties of his devotees as well as troubles the suffering. Wherever Ganesh conch shell occurs, the grace of Shri Ganesha remains in that place.