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Gunja (Abrus) Seed : MAGICAL BEANS!!!!

Gunja (Abrus) Seed : MAGICAL BEANS!!!!


Tired of looking for the medicnal and spiritual uses of GUNJA(ABRUS) SEEDS. This is the perfect stop for your search......

Rakt Gunja or Abrus Precatorius or Rosary Pea or Jequirity Bean is a herbaceous flowering plant well known for its seeds. The seeds are scarlet, ovoid and red with a black notch at a hilium. It is native to Asia and Australia. It is popularly known as Crab’s Eye, Love Pea, Prayer Bead, Coral Bead, Gidee Gidee, Ratti/Rettee/Retty, Weather Plant, Abrus Seeds etc. They are generally red in colour, resembling a Ladybug, though other colours like Black, White, Green & Yellow do exist. The seeds traditionally contain the number of constituents like alkaloids, flavonoids, proteins, tannins amongst which toxalbumin, abrin is responsible for the toxic characteristic of the seed. Therefore, the use of the Abrus seeds is recommended only after Shodhana process i.e. Detoxification.


Conventional ayurveda texts recommends the Shodhana of Gunja seeds with NIMBU SWARASA resulting Nimbu Swarasa Shodhita Gunja Seeds, with KANJI & WATER resulting Kanji Shodhita Gunja Seeds, with COW MILK resulting Godugdh Shodhita Seeds. Also soaking the Gunja seeds in cow’s urine for a week followed by roasting it in pure cow ghee makes it Shodhit.

Medicinal Uses:

For medicinal purpose whole plant i.e. roots, leaves and seeds of Ratti plant are used.


  • The oil extracted from the Shodhit Gunja seeds is said useful for long and healthy hair growth.
  • Abrus seeds are also useful for cold and cough, jaundice and uric bile.
  • Paste of Abrus seeds and Plumbago roots(equal parts) can be used as a stimulating dressing in white leprosy.
  • Also acts as an abortifacient or contraceptive. Half teaspoon paste of rosary peas seeds taken twice a day, empty stomach for 3 days just after the completion of mensuration cycle acts as a contraceptive.
  • Fine even paste of Gunja seeds can also be applied over paralysis or stiffness of the shoulder pain for relief. Can bet you on this. I too had a car accident previous year and got my shoulder injured.


  • Being sweet in taste, juice of Abrus leaves is used as a remedy for hoarseness of voice.
  • Edible oil mixed with Abrus leaves juice is useful for painful swellings.
  • An even mixture of Gunja leaves, Gunja seeds, Gunja roots, Naravelia Zeylenacia and stem of Coscinium Fenestratum heated with Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil and Castor Oil is as effective remedy to treat Rheumatism, Arthritis.


  • In case of snake bite or scorpion sting, Ratti roots powder can be taken orally along with pure cow milk.
  • 5gms of Abrus roots chewed thoroughly twice a day for 3 consecutive days can help cure Leucorrhea.
  • 5gms of Gunja roots powder consumed with old gur(गुड़) twice a day for 5 consecutive days helps solving urinary troubles.

Ornamental Uses:

As Rosary seeds have bright coloration, they are much valued in native jewelry. It can be pinpricked and are strung around the wrist or ankle.

Also used for making arts and crafts for economic and cultural purposes – Zulu people, Rajasthan, India.

Spiritual Uses:

Symbolizing goddess Laxmi it helps to bring luck and prosperity to the bearer. Also helps to protect one from Evil’s eye or Black Magic. According to Yajur Vedas, a number of Hindu mantra sdhanas, yajna, sacrifices, prayogas are conducted using these divine Gunja seeds and Gunja roots.

  • 11 fresh pieces of Rakt(Red) Gunja seeds, Laghu Nariyal, Gomti Chakra, Lotus Seeds(Kamal Gatta), Kauri, Pili Haldi each duly washed with cow milk wrapped in a fresh red cotton cloth are placed in a cash box or locker, to stabilize the wealth earned.
  • 5 fresh pieces of Rakt Gunja(Red) and Black Gunja each can be placed in a wallet or purse to protect oneself from Evil’s eye or Black Magic.
  • 21 fresh pieces of Black Gunja duly washed with cow milk and holy water (Ganga/Saraswati/Godawari/Cauvery/Krishna) wrapped in a fresh red cotton cloth to be tied around the neck/wrist/waist/ankle of a new born baby to keep him/her away from evil forces and black magic. (Precautions to be taken that baby doesn’t swallow it).
  • 101 fresh pieces of Rakt Gunja(Red) seeds, Black Gunja seeds, White Gunja seeds each along with Panch Dhatu to be placed in the foundation of the building to bring a prosperity and happiness in the lives of the residents. It helps to overcome the Vastu Dosh of the building.
  • 5 fresh pieces of Rakt Gunja(Red) to be kept in a Diya duly filled with fresh honey by moaning the partner’s name and to be placed in fourway (Chauraha) to bring love and care in any relationship.
  • Using Rakt Gunja mala helps to develop confidence and charm while going for any meeting or presentation. I helps to multiply the positivity suppressing the negative factors around the surrounding.

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